Breastfeeding Logs

By Kelly Bonyata, BS, IBCLC

Under normal circumstances it is not necessary to use a breastfeeding log. However, some mothers feel more comfortable in the beginning if they are keeping track of nursings and diapers. Most mothers will benefit from the safety net of using a log for the first week or so until they and their baby’s health care provider are reassured that breastfeeding is going well and that baby’s weight gain pattern is adequate.

After the initial week or so, a log can be used to document feedings and diapers if any concerns arise.

In addition to providing an easy-to-use form for keeping track of how often your baby nurses and has wet/dirty diapers, the professional version of these printable logs discusses what to expect in the early weeks of breastfeeding. See Nursing your newborn — what to expect in the early weeks for more information on what’s normal in breastfed newborns.

Additional information

Nursing your newborn — what to expect in the early weeks

PDF Breastfeeding Log – Weaning from supplements

More detailed handout logs are also available.

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