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Nursing Clothing

Converting a Regular Bra into a Nursing Bra [Variation of the above technique: take the nursing flap hooks/snaps from an old nursing bra and use them instead of buying swimsuit bra hooks.] This website also has information on making nursing shirts, a hands-free pumping bra, diapers bags, slings and other baby carriers and more.

Converting a T-Shirt into a Nursing Tee using a panel from the Nursing Mothers’ Sewing List

Pseudo Italian Renaissance Garb with Nursing Access

Breastfeeding clothes has information on converting a dress pattern

Nursing Mothers Sewing List Tips

eHow to Convert Your Own Clothes Into Nursing Clothes

Elizabeth Lee Designs for Breastfeeding Moms (patterns and more for sale)

SewBaby! has nursing clothing patterns for sale

Beanmom’s Nursing Apparel Links (if you’re looking to buy something rather than sew)


Make your own sling – links from “Baby Slings – Why, How & Where?” (this website)

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Instructions for making nursing pillow, mobile, small diaper bag for nursing moms, shopping cart covers, sling and various nursing clothes, and much more.

Free patterns from PooPockets for sewing baby booties and bibs

Sew Your Own Diapers There is tons of information on the web about sewing diapers, but this is a handy place to start.

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