Breastfeeding Haiku

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We’re writing Breastfeeding Haiku today!

We’re not trying for major literature here – there is plenty of information on writing proper haiku poetry out there, or you can keep it really simple and write three lines– with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the third line. Here is some basic information on Haiku poetry to get you started: How to Write a Haiku Poem: Haiku Examples and Tips.

These poems were posted to the KellyMom Facebook wall today. Please add your own in the comments at the bottom of this page!

Sweet, milky giggles
Baby’s trusting eyes look up
Forging bonds that last.
—Rachael Hamilton

Surrendering to
the moment of your hunger;
sweet child at my breast.
—Elizabeth Howard

Stack pillows on couch.
Settle in with hungry babe.
Bathroom urge strikes fast.
—Belinda Mendoza Franke

Sweet baby rooting
Mama’s so very tired
Milk drunk smile melts me
—Shannon McGuire

The smell of your skin
Cuddling you into my chest
Let the Life Milk flow
—Melynda Petersen

Nursing my toddler
Judgemental looks from strangers
Lost in our milk dance
—Melynda Petersen

Latched on upside down
Legs thrown over my shoulder
My gymnurstics star :)
—Melynda Petersen

Eyebrows raise, lids droop
Hours are long; years are short
Mommy’s milk is life
—Leanne Carnell Carter

First I felt tied down
but her rope became lasso
and captured my heart
—Stephanie Madson

She stops to look at her “food”,
plays with it for a moment, and latches on with a good mood.
How sweet and beautiful is to nourish her with my breasts,
I knew from the beginning I’d be giving her nothing but the BEST!
—Christina Moreno

Little eyes so big.
Soothing, calming all is good.
Boobahs are my world.
—Jessica Mannikko Kirby

My arm has fallen
asleep from the weight of my
ten pound new born boy.
—Melissa Kirk

Slumbering child, stir
Find Ma’s nipple, milk galore
Sigh, to sleep once more
—Marissa Dixon Aste

You entered the world;
Hungry for warmth of mother;
My milk sustains you
—Jennifer L Miller

Mommy and baby
special time no others know
love watching you grow
—Abigail Gibson Mallon

Boobies full of milk
Always ready for baby
Just the right amount
—Abby Cravillion

Dear nutritionist
I will not stop nursing her
My milk is still good.
—Abby Cravillion

Sweet milky kisses
After nursing from my breasts
Eyes so full of love.
—Abby Cravillion

My tiny princess
Feeds from my plentiful breasts
My heart melts like snow.
—Joanne Barton

‎”This boobie taste like…
Taste like cream. Taste like ice cream!
Love Mummy’s boobies.”
—Lindsey Jimsdóttir  (This is almost exactly what my 20 month old said to me a few days ago.)

Baby is hungry.
It’s the middle of the night.
We’ll cuddle in bed.
—Bonnie Sussman Voegeli

Toddler has boo-boo.
Cuddle up and have some milk.
Boo-boo is all gone.
—Bonnie Sussman Voegeli

Great big babe at birth
Four and one half years he nursed
Worth every moment
—Brenda Beej Jackson

Little one hungry
Sees the giant ‘ta of milk
Om nom nom nom nom!
—Brenda Beej Jackson

Come close to my heart
Work day’s troubles melt
Finally just us
—Lindsey Wilson Seger

Working through the pain
So determined to succeed
Peace found at the breast
—Kerry Flynn

Nursed two years, now five
my girl asks, “Mom, are nursies
still helping me grow?”
—Kate Mellen

It was a rough start
but now, with two years achieved
ending will be tough.
—Jessica Tan

With sorrow I know
“this too shall pass” is even
more true than I thought.
—Jessica Tan

Watching my son grow
I gaze downward at my babe
Such an intense love
—Kristen Joy

My toddler loves nurse
Now that I’m pregnant again
It hurts like hell!
—Kristen Joy

Warning–gross. This one is not about breastfeeding, but I just wrote it last month and posted it as my FB status and it got a lot of reaction…

Washing diapers, I
Ponder the resiliency
of peas and of corn.
—Julie Nietling

Nestled at my breast
where love and milk flow freely
my babe grows content.
—Megan Vowell

Necessary to
the continuation of
life on this planet.
—Lisa Daniels

Breast feeding my first choice
nectar from heaven sweet pure
beauty growing strong
—Danielle Whidby

My babe in my arms
Today all you need is me
Tomorrow you’re grown
—Rebecca Belen Austin

Off to a good start
My baby is biting me
Uh-oh she’s tongue tied.
—Deborah Walker

Soothe a fractious child
with fresh milk made to order
snuggly bonding time.
—Hannah Rawlings-Smith

You breastfeed for love,
it’s not hard give it a try,
you won’t regret it!
—Danielle Bridges

Whole Food I make that,
my baby grows big and strong,
our bond forever.
—Danielle Bridges

Sweet child of my heart
Sustained on milky goodness
Growing every day
—Molly Atkins

My belly grew you
my breasts swelled with sweet white milk
we grew together :-)
—Barbara Martinez

Nurturing, caring,
My sweet little angel babe
Snuggles in sweetly
—Sarah Swift Shabaan

Feeding my baby
I’m watching him grow each day
Breastmilk is awesome!
—Haley Wixson Jones

Sweet babe drinking up
custom nectar of life’s love
Our hearts connected.
—Angela Wilkins

Held close, soft, blissful,
I could well be all mothers
Since the first babe latched.
—Blooming Miracle Doula Services

I love breast feeding
I have become a nice milk
—Michelle Shores

My Dear Toddler Son,
Will you please wean already?
Mama is so done.
—Kim Johnson Chase

Hungry cry, fussy
Babe latches, nourishment flows
And with it, much more.
—Melissa Anderson

Milky smile, wide eyes
No words capture this moment.
Hearts never forget.
—Melissa Anderson

Her eyes lock with mine
starfish hand lies on my breast
love is milk is love.
—Kirstin Hendrickson

Mouth pull tugs heartstrings
In this moment the world stops
Sweet weight warms my soul
—Samantha Norman

When out around town
my baby girl is hungry
lift up my shirt. done.
—Katrina Russo Burks

I nourish her now
she feels the love in my touch
gift forever ♥
—Melissa Pate

All my children sucked;
six kids, 20 years, I would
have nursed a hundred!
—Marga Anto-Raudsepp

Sleepytime nursies,
You have a boobie pillow,
Lucky baby, dreams.
—Jennifer Pogue

Night time as you sleep
eyes closed around chubby cheeks
mummy milk inside.
—Becca Falcon

Head raises and on,
As milky goodness flows in,
contented noises.
—Lizzie Plant

Fifteen weeks pregnant
can’t wait to nurse my baby
what a special gift.
—Joleen Burke

When the need is there
They ask me “Na-na, mama?”
We nurse together.
—Maureen Guegold Alley

This is a triple haiku I wrote in October 2010 about night time nursing:

his little fingers
pinch my stretch marks, belly skin
even in his sleep

he never slows down
as he swallows and swallows
and murmurs and sighs

even in his sleep
he needs me, needs to know that
i am always here
—Cara Laird

Nourishing comfort,
Journey of mother and child,
A duet of love.
—Tracey Moys

Facial innocence
bright eyes, sweet smile, tiny hands
love flows milky smooth.
—LadyVal Unique Nubianqueen

I love Mommy’s milk
breakfast,lunch,snack​,and supper
warm,sweet, deliciou​s.
—Anissa Alvarado

Birthed in water
Pearl breastfed peacefully
The thunder clapped
—Jenny Stevens

Laying down to rest
hand to hand locked in key
to start a new day
—Shanesha Tripp

My Little Logan
Mommys milk is best for you
So for you I spew.
—Sheryl Pavloff-Donner

My baby Brennan
I feed you from my body
Just the two of us ♥
—Erin Hale

You’ve cut your first tooth
my goal is at least one year
please stop biting me.
—Marina Mondragon

Mommy goes back to work
mommy forgot breast pad
oh my that’s too bad
milk leaks out like on a fork.
—Matshepo Seedat

I love mommy’s milk
The sweet nectar calls for me
Pop a boob out NOW!
—Wombmart (Charlotte Placenta Encapsulation)

Mummys milk is nice,
it’s yummy and warm,
and full of goodness.
—Channon Gallichan

Moments after birth
you attach to my bosom
forever my love.
—Sheryl Bussiere Wiebe

Urgent cries jar me
Daddy stumbles to get you
Nursies bring us Peace
—Ashley Marie Byars

This is by my husband:

Great times with Daddy
’til sight of Mommy brings thirst
I’ve no more value.
—Ashley Marie Byars

Your sweet eyes and smile
embracing you in my arms
suckle at my breast.
—Shreen Beshures

When life is too much…
need to recharge and relax…
“now This you can do!”
—Amanda Rae Hartless

‎”Nana? Oooo… ha-ha.”
She takes out my nursing pad
Digging for treasure.
—Itzel Valle

No longer small boobs
But fantastic milk machines
Fueled by suck suck sucks.
—Jeanne Marie Clair Schwarz

Pumping sucks. Need more
Milk. If only Canada
Had less snow, more heat. 😉
—Melissa Anderson

Latching will happen
With time and concentration
I promise it will.
—Amanda Williams McClelland

Thriving, snug’ling, peace.
Miracle feeds miracle.
Growing together.
—Amy Skinner Cummings

My sweet little boy,
Looks up to me with tired eyes,
Smiles a milk drunk smile ♥
—Crystal Marie

I miss my angel’s smiles
As she suckled at my breast
with memories I’m blessed.
—Jacklyn Gorman

Eyes look up at me.
Satisfaction from my milk.
Best bond in the world.
—Meaghan White

Nursing my daughter
as tender eyes stare at me
does it matter that she’s four?
—Sheryl Bussiere Wiebe

In the midnight hour
In the dark I find my milk
Back to sleep we go.
—Anissa Alvarado

Mamma loves baby,
smiley precious baby boy,
baby loves boobies.
—Jenni-Emily Smith

Ear print on my arm,
a tattoo of our special bond,
fades but memory lasts.
—Victoria Lamonby

Oh It’s growth spurt time.
This little piggy does eat.
Oh every half hour….!
—Victoria Lamonby

Wet patches on clothes,
unattractive bras I wear.
But it’s all worth it.
—Victoria Lamonby

Now dear Kelly mom,
I can’t stop with the Haiku.
Damn you I need sleep.
—Victoria Lamonby

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