Chocolate flavored toddler formula

Enfamil Enfagrow Chocolate Powder Formula by Mead Johnson

From the product description for this toddler formula:

“Enfamil baby formula has undergone several significant changes since it was invented. Each change brings Enfamil baby formula nutritionally closer to breast milk…”

I didn’t realize moms produced chocolate!

This product appears to be aimed at parents of normal toddlers (12-36 months) who are picky eaters (all of them, right?)

As your child grows from an infant to a toddler, he’s probably becoming pickier about what he eats. Now more than ever, ensuring that he gets complete nutrition can be a challenge.

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Here’s a comparison of calories and sugar content for several types of milk drinks:

Calories (per 8 oz) Sugar (per 8 oz)
Chocolate Enfagrow (150 cal, 19 g sugar per 6 oz serving) 200 25 g
Chocolate Pediasure 240 23 g
Nesquick chocolate low fat milk 170 28 g
Plain 2% cow’s milk 122 12 g
Plain whole (3.25%) cow’s milk 146 13 g
Similac Advance infant formula
(100 cal/5 oz, lactose is 95% of 11.2 g carbs/5 oz)
160 17 g
Human milk
(20-22 cal/oz, ~70 g/L lactose= ~2 g/oz lactose,
ref: Lawrence 2005)
160 16 g

What do you think? Will a product like this encourage childhood obesity?

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