Do you use a nursing cover?

I have mixed feelings about nursing covers. I never use one myself, and feel that it actually draws attention to the fact that mom is breastfeeding. On the other hand, I want other moms to do whatever is necessary to feel comfortable feeding their babies. In this story, Karin Cadwell also points out that seeing other women breastfeeding makes it more likely that a new mom will choose to breastfeed her baby. Do YOU use a nursing cover?

Public displays of nutrition: How breast-feeding begets breast-feeding.

After dashing through the Barnes & Noble in Peabody, clutching my screaming 4-month-old, I finally found a spot to sit down. At the opposite end of the store from where my 2-year-old was browsing with my husband, there was an empty chair across from two teenagers texting and next to an elderly woman who glanced up with what I thought was a judging look. My daughter still screaming, I draped a blanket over my breast and Phoebe’s head, hoping to avoid an unfortunate nipple flash, and once she was latched, shifted the blanket so it covered my breast but left her head uncovered…

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