Links: Breastfeeding Art

NOTE: Many of these images are not in the public domain. If you want to use an image, make sure that you have permission to use it (look on each individual website for more information).

Children’s Books with Positive Images of Breastfeeding (or see the long version) You can get many of them here.

Free food & health clip art (including breastfeeding clip art) from

The Art of Breastfeeding by Susan Wadsworth

US Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery

Library of Congress Prints & Photographs

Commercial websites

INFACT Canada Breastfeeding Posters is the website of a photographer who specializes in pregnancy and nursing photos

Attachments Catalog. This catalog has beautiful breastfeeding prints, photos, and notecards for sale (among other things). Lori Thompson’s photographs are beautiful.

Clinical photos and more for lactation professionals

The Breastfeeding Atlas as an Ebook

WICWorks Breastfeeding Educational Materials

The Professional Breastfeeding Bookstore also has many books with clinical photos, including The Breastfeeding Atlas (3rd edition includes a DVD, with CD-ROM available separately), Clinical Lactation: A Visual Guide, Breastfeeding and Human Lactation (includes a CD-ROM), and Comprehensive Lactation Consultant Exam Review.

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