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EarthMama_lifestyle_postpartum Meet Our Sponsor: Earth Mama Angel Baby - Our sponsor for the month is Earth Mama Angel Baby… Meet the Mama! Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Melinda Olson Nurse, herbalist, and real-life mother Melinda Olson began formulating organic herbal remedies for friends in her Oregon kitchen many years ago. Her love of organic gardening, passion for herbs, and desire to find safe products for […]
kellymom_badge128 How to become a KellyMom Sponsor - KellyMom is now offering the opportunity to sponsor our site for one month at a time. Only one company will be the sponsor for each month, so your sponsorship will not be competing with ads or sponsored posts.Have you seen our sponsor Earth Mama Angel Baby's Natural Products for Nursing Mamas? To thank our sponsor, we will […]
hand-expression Hand expressing your breastmilk -   Every mother should learn to hand express milk. Here are some resources for learning this useful skill. Hand expression By Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA The Power of Hand Expression by Diana West, BA, IBCLC Hand Expression of Breastmilk – a great video from the Stanford School of Medicine Newborn Nursery at LPCHHave you seen our […]
Aedes aegypti by E. A. Goeldi (1905). Public Domain {PD-1923} Zika virus and breastfeeding - Should breastfeeding parents be concerned about Zika? According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: To date, there are no reports of infants getting Zika virus through breastfeeding. Because of the benefits of breastfeeding, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed even in areas where Zika virus is found.“ FacebookPinterestTwitter
WHO Code Publications What do I need to know about the WHO Code? - The WHO Code (or simply, “The Code”) is a short name for the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, which was adopted by the World Health Assembly and UNICEF in 1981. Since that time, a number of resolutions have also been passed to clarify and add to the Code. The Code is a marketing code that aims to […]
Sarah Wells Bags.   Photography by Tiffany Farley. Meet Our Sponsor: Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags - Our sponsor for the month is Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags. Sarah would like to introduce you to her products… My Breastfeeding Story: Two Paths, One Journey By Sarah Wells, CEO & Founder, Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags   “Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.” This was what my breast pump said to me on good days. “This […]
cQk7bl7miLadj2CwKwUfIslJwHX-g8l9cKDTAVN8-Vk A Texas Photographer’s Public Breastfeeding Project -   Text by Leilani Rogers I have 4 children, ages 8 to 15. I breastfed them all, but it was a tough journey.  Breastfeeding was very important to me, it just did not come easy.  My first 2 babies were premature, and that presented some unique challenges.  Advocating for my baby and myself did not […]

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