The Joyful Family – Meaningful Activities and Heartfelt Celebrations for Connecting with the Ones You Love

by John Dacey, PhD, and Lynne Weygint

Conari Press, Berkely California
ISBN 1573245720

review by 
Uta Mattox, CD (DONA)
Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Advocate

This is not necessarily attachment parenting, and may not be so useful with very young children, but it will be useful once the kids are out of the toddler age, and for the rest of your life.

They have so many good ideas and examples for connecting with kids, with family members, for dealing with fears, with grief, with confrontations, with chaotic family schedules, clarifying values, helping others, and much more.

Mostly it is by designing simple rituals that help create a safe and special place, and make everyone aware that love and respect among each other is paramount.

It gives a lot of very specifc suggestions and how-to’s, while at the same time stressing that you can do it whichever way works for you, these are only suggestions.

We have used a couple of these within our family, and they are great. And I have others that I have on my list to do as necessary, that I like, and want to try if/when a situation comes up.

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