Herb Safety Categories

source: The Nursing Mother’s Herbal by Sheila Humphrey, BSc, RN, IBCLC

No contraindications, side effects, drug interactions, or pregnancy-related safety issues have been identified. Generally considered safe when used appropriately.
May notbe appropriate for self-use by some individuals or dyads, or may cause adverse effects if misused. Seek reliable safety and dose information.
Moderate potential for toxicity, mainly dose related. Seek an expert herbalist as well as a lactation consultant before using. Consider safer herbs.
Use only with the supervision of a knowledgeable physician. Consult with a lactation specialist before use. These herbs are used to make prescription medications. The pharmaceutical forms may be safer in most instances, but not always. Do not use these herbs without the guidance of a supervising physician. Consider using safer herbs.
Avoid. Toxic plant with no justifiable medical use.


Additional information

Mechanisms of Drug Entry into Human Milk by Thomas Hale, PhD

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