Can I continue to breastfeed if…? Health/Medical Issue FAQs

Compiled by Kelly Bonyata, IBCLC

Nursing mothers have many questions about the safety of various things during lactation. Following are some of the questions regarding health and medical issues we’ve answered over the past few years.

See also the US Centers for Disease Control’s FAQ on Breastfeeding

Allergy shots

Allergy shots do not affect breastfeeding.

Allergy testing

Per Thomas Hale, PhD, “Allergy testing is carried out by the injection intradermally of small amounts of plant, animal, and other proteins. These substances due to their large molecular weights would not likely pass into human milk, nor would they be absorbed by the baby anyway. Thus allergy testing is not a contraindication to breastfeeding.”

Blood donation

There are conflicting opinions about donating blood while breastfeeding. The US Red Cross okays blood donation for nursing moms after 6 weeks postpartum. Donating blood causes a small loss of blood volume (and therefore a loss of fluid), so there is a theoretical possibility for a short-term temporary reduction in milk supply. Moms with vulnerable supplies may want to avoid donation. In general, women who are not pregnant, have good iron levels (that will be tested before donation), are not taking antibiotics, and are at least 100 pounds are good candidates for blood donation.

Can a Lactating Woman Donate Blood? LLL FAQ


Cholesterol levels and breastfeeding

Mother’s cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels during breastfeeding and anticholesterol drugs from Tom Hale’s Breastfeeding Pharmacology forum (information from Tom Hale, RPh, PhD and Gillian Arsenault, MD, IBCLC)

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Child’s cholesterol levels

Human Milk: The Best Gift for Future Heart Health from LLLI

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Dental work (x-rays, local anesthesia)

See Dental Work and Breastfeeding.

Fertility treatments

Breastfeeding is not contraindicated during fertility treatment. However, some of the drugs used for fertility treatment may significantly decrease milk supply. See the book Medications and Mothers’ Milk by Thomas Hale, PhD for more information.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Per Daniel A. Nord (Coordinator, DAN Medical Services at Duke University Medical Center), this should not represent a problem for a nursing mom.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal does not affect breastfeeding.

Lice & scabies treatment

Permethrin (NIX, Elimite), a topical insecticide for lice & scabies, is considered safe for nursing moms. Per Thomas Hale, PhD (author of Medications and Mothers’ Milk), the amount transferred into milk is minimal and this drug is also used directly in children. Permethrin is preferred over Lindane, an older pesticide which is not recommended for use in newborns and young children.

Lice Treatment for Breastfeeding Moms by Tamara Carpenito

Litter Boxes, cleaning

According to LLL’s The Breastfeeding Answer Book, “To be on the safe side, the pregnant or nursing woman should not clean up after a cat, especially a cat under one year who goes outside. If you DO get toxoplasmosis, there is no evidence that it can be transmitted by BF, and mom will provide baby with antibodies – so breastfeeding can and should be continued.” Another option is to wear gloves when changing the litter box, and wash hands well afterward.

Skin creams

Skin creams and lotions, in general, are not a problem for breastfeeding moms, though most are best kept away from the nipple area (so that baby does not swallow it). When it comes to topical medicines, virtually nothing passes through the skin to the bloodstream unless it is specifically formulated to do so (such as the nicotine patches).

Tuberculosis testing

This does not pose a problem for nursing moms.

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