Jury Duty?

A call to jury duty can be very worrisome for mothers who stay at home with their young children, particularly those who are breastfeeding infants. Breastfeeding mothers who work and pump for their child will probably have reliable childcare available, but may be worried about whether she would be allowed sufficient time for pumping.

The first order of business: Don’t Panic.
If your jury duty will be a hardship for you or your child, then more than likely you will be excused or deferred.

Second: Check the law.
Check your state laws, or your U.S. District Court’s Jury Plan. A number of states automatically excuse or defer nursing mothers or the full-time parent of young children from jury duty.

Third: Contact the court.
FamilyFriendlyJuryDuty.org has information on the proper procedures for doing so.

For more information:

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Looking for state laws or jury plans?

State Law Resources from FindLaw.com

United States Courts. Find your County/District Court. The Jury Plan may be available online.

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