Resources: Milk expression tips & pump information

Manual/hand expression of milk

Hand expressing your breastmilk @ KellyMom


Choosing a breastpump

Do I need a breastpump? @KellyMom

What should I know about buying a new or used breastpump? @KellyMom


Pumping tips

Pumping & Bottle Feeding @

Working & Pumping Resources@

Exclusive Pumping Resources @

Collecting Breastmilk by Anne Smith, IBCLC

To Pump More Milk, Use Hands-On Pumping by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA

My Milk Supply is Great but I Just CAN’T PUMP! by Hygeia

Tips for speeding up let-down @ KellyMom

The ‘Magic Number’ and Long-Term Milk Production (Part 1) by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA

More on the ‘Magic Number’ (Part 2)  by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA

Ouch! What If Pumping Hurts? by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA


Breastpump troubleshooting and repair

MY PUMP ISN’T WORKING!! . Troubleshooting for Breastpump Users by Linda J. Smith, BSE, FACCE, IBCLC.

Check your pump company website – they generally have great troubleshooting tips.

Tip: Have you ever melted pump or bottle parts when boiling them? (I have!)
Try this: When boiling items such as pump or bottle parts, put a couple of glass marbles into the pot and stay within earshot. If the water level gets low and the pot is about to boil dry, the marbles will start bouncing and clattering in the pan and alert you in time.

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