Breastfeeding and Guilt

Raise your hand if you’ve ever mentioned or posted a link to a study on breastfeeding (with no value judgment added– or intended!) and been accused of attacking other mothers and making them feel guilty…

I encounter this almost daily.  I wonder sometimes whether moms are feeling more sadness or grief or even anger (rather than guilt) at the situation they were presented with. We know moms love their kids and do their very best with each situation that comes along. I want to help moms by giving them information so they (or their sisters or their daughters) have a better chance to breastfeed – if not this baby, then the next time around.

Here are some thoughts on guilt from several points of view… enjoy!

From the point of view of a health care professional:

From the point of view of a breastfeeding counselor:

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    From the point of view of a mom:

Adding this link:

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