Jaundice, breastfeeding both normal for newborns

Jaundice, breastfeeding both normal for newborns

ABM’s newly released Clinical Protocol #22: Guidelines for the Management of Jaundice in Breastfeeding Infants 35 Weeks’ Gestation or More concludes with the reminder that “(j)aundice and some degree of hyperbilirubinemia are normal and expected aspects of newborn development. Breastfeeding is also a normal and expected aspect of infancy and childhood.”

I personally loved this part, because I will never forget reading  Larry Gartner’s  work on bilirubin metabolism during a family medicine rotation in medical school.  That was what finally  pulled me into the growing, developing subjects of pediatrics and neonatology – and it was even before Dr Gartner went on to become a founding member of ABM and the lead author of this protocol…