Meet our new logo!

Please join me in congratulating Keith Hanssen on creating the winning design!

After reviewing all of your comments in the poll, and “test driving” the logos on web page samples, I selected Keith’s design. I like that it is a distinctive design, with bold strokes, and I’ve always loved wood-block style prints. Keith describes his design as a tree of knowledge, life, and love arising and growing from KellyMom.

Keith’s wife, Anna, is a long-time reader who told him about the contest and encouraged him to submit a design. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration, but he is not a professional graphic designer.

I want to again thank everyone who submitted a design. There were so many wonderful designs that narrowing it down to 8 finalists was difficult, and then choosing a single design from those was a real challenge. I’m very proud of how many truly talented people contributed to the contest.

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