Michelle Obama talks about breastfeeding Sasha

Kudos for mentioning breastfeeding!  The mention of breastfeeding in a public forum such as this can do a great deal to help normalize breastfeeding in the U.S.

Michelle Obama talks about breastfeeding Sasha

So what did I do? I packed up that little infant, and I put her in the stroller, and I brought her with me. And I prayed that her presence wouldn’t be an automatic disqualifier. And it was fortunate for me that, number one, she slept through the entire interview. And I was still breastfeeding — if that’s not too much information. And I got the job.

Here’s the transcript of Michelle Obama’s remarks (from the White House):

Remarks by the First Lady at a Workplace Flexibility Conference

And the White House video, so you can see it all in context, if you like! The remarks about breastfeeding start about 13 minutes in.

Forum on Workplace Flexibility: Opening Session