On consequences and rewards…

April 14, 2010. Posted in: Blog Posts

Some interesting reading for today…

The Consequences of “Consequences”
by Teresa Pitman

It’s the first day of the summer camp where my daughter Lisa works as a counselor, and she listens while the head counselor sits all the kids down, lists the “forbidden” behaviours, and outlines the consequences that will follow when rules are broken… Despite the popularity of consequences, I’ve never been comfortable with this approach. It clashes with my beliefs about children’s natural desire to do the right thing — in Jean Liedloff’s words: “children, far from being contrary, are by nature profoundly social.”

The Perils Of Reward Charts

Reward charts – the amazingly simple solution  to all of your children’s behaviour problems, or are they…?

What do you think? Do you find consequences or rewards helpful in your parenting journey?

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RobynMM April 14, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Neither were helpful. I tell my son the good types of behavior I expect from him as we approach certain situations through out the day. I find that works better in most situations than telling him he has to wait or can’t do something.