Will lying down to nurse cause ear infections?

By Kelly Bonyata, BS, IBCLC

You might hear that breastfeeding your baby in a lying down position will cause ear infections. Research indicates that this is not true. No matter what positioning you use, breastfeeding actually works to decrease the incidence of ear infections.

This myth is one of many that has come from a mistaken application of bottle-feeding information to breastfeeding. There is good evidence that if baby is given a bottle of formula while lying flat, the formula can get into the Eustachian tubes and middle ear and cause an infection. However, there are two problems with applying this fact to breastfeeding: (1) breastmilk and formula are not the same — breastmilk inhibits the formation of bacteria, while formula encourages bacteria; and (2) breastfeeding and bottle feeding are not the same — milk does not pool in the mouth when baby is nursing, as as it does when baby drinks from a bottle.

Also, keep in mind that with most nursing positions, baby is lying down while nursing anyway – whether mom is lying down or not!

So don’t be afraid to lie down to nurse your baby. Go ahead and get your rest… while you nurse your baby.


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