Professional Handouts: Set 2

Set #2: Breastfeeding Concerns

011: Treatment Tips: Engorgement
012: Treatment Tips: Plugged Duct or Mastitis
013: Plugged Ducts & Mastitis (information/phone triage)
014: Treatment Tips: Nipple Cracks or Abrasions
015: Weaning from supplements (with one week log)
016: Weaning from supplements – weekly log
(without instructions)
030: Radiocontrast media and breastfeeding
031: I have thrush. Can I give baby my expressed milk?
032: Food sensitivities in breastfed babies
033: Dairy sensitivities in breastfed babies
038: Hidden Dairy “Cheat Sheet”
040: Spitting up & reflux in the breastfed baby

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