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Do you need handouts for your professional practice? For a small fee, you can download KellyMom handouts for distribution to your clients/patients.

Use of KellyMom Handouts:

The handouts that you have paid for may be copied in unlimited quantities under the following conditions:

  • Handouts may be distributed only by the purchasing party.
  • Handouts must be duplicated in entirety. Content and graphics may not be modified in any way without prior permission. All author and copyright information must be included.
  • Distribution is limited to print media. Handouts may not be posted on a website or distributed electronically.
  • Handouts may not be sold for profit.
  • Use must comply with the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.

Handouts are in digital format.

Your handouts will be in PDF format [get Adobe Acrobat Reader]. Upon payment, you will receive an email with a link to download the handouts. If you have any problems downloading the handouts, please email me.


Handouts are available only in sets ($2.50 per handout; the cost of each set depends upon the number of handouts).

Payment information

  • Although Paypal handles our online credit card payments, you do not need to be a Paypal member (or join Paypal) to make your secure credit card payment.
  • If you’d prefer to pay by check or money order, print and mail this order form (PDF) with your payment.
  • After payment is received, you will receive a link to download your handout(s) (in PDF format).
  • Files will be provided by e-junkie and fatfreecartpro.

If you have any questions, or are interested in obtaining other articles as handouts, please email me.

Set 1: Newborn Issues &
the Early Months 
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11 handouts $27.50Add to Cart
Set 2: Breastfeeding
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12 handouts $30.00Add to Cart
Set 3: Nutrition for
Mom and Baby
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10 handouts $25.00Add to Cart
Set 4: Expressing Milk +
Nursing After 12 Months
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9 handouts $22.50Add to Cart
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