In the news: Breastmilk can curb obesity

Breast milk can curb obesity Health experts agree breast-feeding sets a foundation for proper nutrition in infants and wards off illnesses. In a state where 44 of 100 children are overweight, state health officials are trying to encourage women to nurse as an early step in curbing childhood obesity.”Research shows us the states with […]

Substance in breastmilk kills cancer cells

We’ve known about this for some time (looks like the first paper was published in 1995) but it’s always amazing to read about. Substance in breast milk kills cancer cells A substance found in breast milk can kill cancer cells, reveal studies carried out by researchers at Lund University and the University of Gothenburg. Although […]

What about the maternal health impact of suboptimal breastfeeding?

An analysis that is missing half the equation I was pleased to see Melissa Bartick’s effort to appraise US policy-makers of the economic costs of suboptimal breastfeeding. However, any analysis that is missing the effects of lactation on maternal health will grossly underestimate the true costs to the US of suboptimal breastfeeding.

New Study on Breast Cancer Prevention

The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) “recommends that mothers breastfeed exclusively for up to six months and then add other liquids and foods. Evidence is convincing that mothers who breastfeed reduce their risk for breast cancer. There is also probable evidence that children who are breastfed have a lower risk of gaining excess weight […]

Breast-Feeding Helps Mom Stay Slimmer Later in Life

2010.03.08 — Breast-Feeding Helps Mom Stay Slimmer Later in Life FRIDAY, March 5 (HealthDay News) — The benefits of breast-feeding for infants are numerous and well-known, but researchers are finding more and more that breast-feeding can be a boon to mom’s health as well.  “The study, which was scheduled to be presented Friday at […]

Extended Breastfeeding Fact Sheet

Extended Breastfeeding Fact Sheet Breastfeeding benefits toddlers and young children… nutritionally, immunilogically and psychologically… :: Toddler nursing: What to expect Are you considering nursing your baby into toddlerhood and wondering how the nursing relationship will change? Are you wondering if your toddler is trying to wean, or wondering why your toddler is […]

Breastfeeding Protects Against Rotavirus

Breastfeeding Protects Against Rotavirus Diarrhea MORE Than Vaccination Exclusive breastfeeding reduces Rotavirus diarrhea in Brazil by 90% vs. a 40% reduction in Rotavirus diarrhea by vaccination in Mexico. The studies discussed in the article above: Gulland A. Rotavirus vaccine cuts deaths of Mexican babies from diarrhoea by 40%. BMJ 2010;340:c511 Maranhão HS, Medeiros MC, […]

Research: Breastfed individuals taller in adulthood

Holmes VA, Cardwell C, McKinley MC, Young IS, Murray LJ, Boreham CA, Woodside JV.  Association between breast-feeding and anthropometry and CVD risk factor status in adolescence and young adulthood: the Young Hearts Project, Northern Ireland. Public Health Nutr. 2009 Oct 7:1-8. … [Public Health Nutr. 2009] –  CONCLUSIONS: Compared with those who had not been […]

Why Would Breastfeeding Prevent Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease in Mother?

Mind-Body Connection: Why Would Breastfeeding Prevent Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease in Mother To a health psychologist, these findings make perfect sense. And it all has to do with understanding the human stress response. Allow me to illustrate by describing what happens when this stress response is chronically activated..

Breastfeeding and mental health (for the child)

Breast feeding for over six months could aid mental health | Reuters SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) – Children who are breastfed for longer than six months could be at lower risk of mental health problems later in life, according to Australian research… See Why Would Breastfed Children Be Less Depressed? for more on this from […]