Milk Bank FAQ

Image courtesy of the Mothers' Milk Bank in Denver

When we talk about human milk banks in North America, we’re generally referring to the non-profit HMBANA (Human Milk Banking Association of North America) milk banks. The milk from these banks is often the safest source of lifesaving donor milk for seriously ill babies– and the only source of donor milk that many hospitals are willing to use.

A priceless gift from a grieving mother

What a priceless gift for a grieving mother to give! Sydney’s legacy: The milk of human kindness When Sydney died at 6 months of age, her mother’s donated breast milk became her legacy through a program at Fairview Health Services… Somewhere, in a hospital’s intensive care unit, Sylvie Stephens’ breast milk is trickling drop by […]

Nice article about human milk banks in USAToday.

Women donate to breast milk banks to help others’ babies For mothers who can’t produce enough breast milk, a growing network of breast milk banks are providing a monumental service. For more information on the Human Milk Banking Association of North America & its milk banks, visit The HMBANA milk banks are non-profit, but […]