Resources: Working & Pumping Tips

Tips for moms who work & pump is a wonderful source of information for pumping moms

Working and Breastfeeding FAQs from LLL

Back-to-School Breastfeeding: Pumping in Your Classroom by  Gretchen Sowers (

Traveling as a Pumping Mother by Nicole Goodman

Travelling with Breast Milk, by Robyn Roche-Paull, BSN, RNC-MNN, IBCLC.

Milk expression tips & pump information @KellyMom

Exclusive pumping @KellyMom

Breastmilk Storage and Handling @KellyMom


Breastfeeding and the workplace

The Business Case for Breastfeeding is a comprehensive program designed to educate employers about the value of supporting breastfeeding employees in the workplace. The program highlights how such support contributes to the success of the entire business.

Supporting Nursing Moms at Work: Employer Solutions, from the Office on Women’s Health (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), has information for both employers and mothers, focusing on cost-effective tips and solutions for supporting breastfeeding mothers in any industry setting.

Workplace Lactation: Support for Breastfeeding Employees by Susan Kobara, CLE, Corporate Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding Support Within the Workplace from the US Centers for Disease Control

Mother-Friendly Worksite Policy Initiative from the State of Texas

Breastfeeding Women and Work from the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA)

Building Breastfeeding Friendly Communities from the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition. Includes many resources for supporting breastfeeding in the workplace and in childcare centers.

Lactation support information from University of Michigan Work/Life Center. Includes information on how supervisors can support breastfeeding employees, a guide to setting up a lactation room, and a lactation icon, free of charge to any college or university, for use as a lactation area sign.

PDF Workplace Breastfeeding Support from the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee

PDF Checklist for Accomodations in the Workplace from the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee

MOMobile from the Maternity Care Coalition offers detailed information on working and breastfeeding for mothers and employers, including information on how to establish a breastfeeding-friendly workplace.

Sample letter to employer

Supporting Moms is Good Business: CIGNA’s corporate lactation program pays off


Childcare and the breastfed baby

Childcare and the Breastfed Baby


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