Finger Foods

Older babies who are just starting solids may prefer chunkier finger foods, instead of mashed or moistened food. The baby who starts solids at 6 months or older doesn’t need pureed or liquefied foods. You may want to just start with finger foods, and let her mostly feed herself.

How chunky can the food be? If your baby is not gagging & choking on the food, then the texture (table foods, etc.) is fine. Watch carefully the first few times your baby tries a new food to make sure she can handle it without gagging or choking. Always supervise your child when she is eating finger foods.

Suggestions for finger foods:

  • cubed soft foods
  • grated or scraped apple, pear, carrots
  • small pieces of ripe banana or avocado
  • sliced kiwi
  • cooked carrots/peas/green beans
  • cubed cooked yams, sweet or white potatoes
  • unsweetened dry breakfast cereals (cheerios, etc.)
  • slivers or finely chopped pieces of meat that has been softened with broth or warm water
  • cubes, strings, or small pieces of cheese
  • cooked pasta in shapes and colors sprinkled with some parmesan cheese
  • whole-grain bread strips
  • pieces of toast or crackers
  • dry waffles baby can carry around
  • frozen blueberries, peas, or corn right out of the package (great for relieving teething pain, but not appropriate for most babies under a year due to the choking hazard. See below warning.)

Warning: Steer clear of finger foods (including nuts and dried fruits) that may be choking hazards. Also, highly allergenic foods may not be suitable for babies who have a family history of allergies.

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