Logo design contest entries

We’ve had some great entries for the logo design contest, so I wanted to showcase some of them here. I would like to thank the designers for all their hard work. It was really hard to choose a winner, but we will be announcing the winner soon!

KellyMom Logo Contest

I’ve narrowed the logos down to eight finalists. Please vote and let me know what you like and don’t like about the logos in the comments below. I will be choosing the final design myself, but I want to see your opinions on the logos before I make my choice.

Wow – check out this breastfeeding artwork!


Breastfeeding Art This is for those who are breastfeeding, who support breastfeeding, who plan on breastfeeding and who tried to breastfeed. For those who encourage breastfeeding, are interested in it and those who keep up the good work in educating others about it. All images are protected by copyright. We appreciate your understanding that using […]

Vatican calls for more breastfeeding artwork


OK, this isn’t new news, but I just ran across it and it’s interesting… Vatican calls for more artwork showing Mary breastfeeding Jesus The Vatican recently announced that it wanted more breastfeeding pictures of the Virgin Mary and artists around the world have been working to respond. Many paintings depicting the bare breasts of the […]